I am a highly technical Digital Specialist with a diploma in Digital Media Arts. Having worked for one of Canada’s leading media and content companies for nine years, I acquired knowledge and experience to help build and strengthen brands by developing, executing and managing all digital and social media strategies.

I have a passion for technology and web management, with a demonstrated ability to understand online space and the opportunities within it. My Core Values assist me to create compelling, engaging, interactive and informative solutions for brand development and profitability while meeting client objectives, including high quality promotional materials for web and print, banner ads, video and photography.


Hi! I was born and raised in Canmore, AB and now live in beautiful Vancouver, BC. I am deeply passionate about music, sports (especially hockey), photography, technology and the planet.

“Try to become not a man of success, but try rather to become a man of value.” – Albert Einstein

Core Values, whether personal or professional, drive growth and success. They are the guiding principles that define how we conduct ourselves and perform on a day-to-day basis. My Core Values are who I am and who I want to be and from my youth, I have been committed to Knowledge, Creativity, Meticulousness, Being Human and Animal Welfare.

In this digital age, personal and professional development is a must if one wants to keep up and have marketable skills. I am an intelligent individual who is always seeking knowledge and ways to improve. I was interested in medicine at a young age and first started a work experience program with the local ambulance service while in high school. I eventually completed the EMT program and then moved on to become a Paramedic. I was always gaining knowledge and experience via advanced education. Although I eventually changed careers, it is this kind of growth that continues to drive me, especially in this digital age where technology changes daily.

Having worked for one of Canada’s leading media and content companies for nine years, I acquired experience that allows me to create compelling, engaging, interactive and informative content, from web and graphic design, to photography, video production and post-production and social media. However, creativity is more than just skills and knowledge. It is also about character and personality; passion and enthusiasm. Creativity is about taking hold of these other values to transform ideas while collaborating with others to give them life. Sometimes it means thinking outside the box and being different.

Working in prehospital care changed me so much and made me who I am today. In those high-pressure situations, I discovered I paid great attention to detail, from the patient care I provided to filing reports with the nurses and physicians. While the stakes are lower in some ways, the work I do now is still important to me and gets my full commitment. Just as always, I am very meticulous. I strive to do high quality, successful and rewarding work that I am proud of.

In today’s technological world, the human factor gets pushed aside in everyday life. Frankly, I’d be lost if I wasn’t connected in some way. I crave news and information. But we need to unplug from time to time and discipline ourselves to make real connections. It is important to be aware of those around us and interact with them, whether it is by conversation or merely a nod of recognition. Of course, being human also means we are not perfect. We do make mistakes. The key is to use common sense, be accountable and to learn from those mistakes. Be honest and respectful. Communicate and grow as a team. Above all, have fun!

Anyone who is “connected” to me online knows of my passion for the planet, especially animal welfare. Animals do not exist to serve humans and the unjust exploitation of them must come to an end. The rights and freedoms of all individuals (man and animal) should not be based on value or where they rank in some vague hierarchy. It’s my intent to raise awareness with the hope of introducing change; to speak for them when they can’t always speak (or defend) for themselves; to be progressive by seeking innovative ways to promote and improve the well-being of animals, whether it’s the grizzly bear hunt or wolf cull here in British Columbia, the troubles with SeaWorld in the United States or the poaching that occurs in Asia and Africa.

My design work and photography have appeared in:
Associated Press
CFOX (Vancouver)
Rock 101 (Vancouver)
CKNW (Vancouver)
AM730 (Vancouver)
Rolling Stone
The Vancouver Sun
The Province
Metro Vancouver
Georgia Straight
BC Business Magazine
Vancouver 24 hrs
The Huffington Post
Guitar World
Real Canadian Music
Lee Aaron
Allied Golf Association of BC
Roger Ebert
Yahoo! Finance
AOL Travel
Vancity Buzz
Inside Vancouver
Langley Times
YVR Airport
WAAF (Boston)
Examiner (AXS Digital)
Hi-Fi News Magazine (UK)
The Hockey Writers
BC Place Stadium
Rogers Arena
The Ubyssey
Word and Film
All Health Guide
Polskie Radio
ABC (Spain)
Magnetron (Brazil)
ZAP (Portugal)
20 minutos (Spain)