Inline Skating - 2019.03.22

First Skate of 2019


After a long and cold February, the temperature in Vancouver has finally returned to normal values. In fact, these past 2 weeks have been fantastic and it was time to pull out the skates for the first time this year.

I was tentative out there, however. I had these new wheels installed earlier in the day, thanks to Shop Task. They are the 90mm/85A Undercover Mushroom Blading Wheels. While the size of the wheels are the same, the compound is a bit harder than the previous stock wheels. So I needed to test them under road and stopping conditions.

Undercover Mushroom Blading Wheels

New 90mm/85A Undercover Mushroom Blading Wheels

But honestly, I was a little afraid after the major spill I took last fall, the last time I was out. I had never wiped out before. Ever! And it got to my head. In addition to road-rash on my face, hands and legs, my doctor believes I cracked a couple ribs. My left shoulder took the major impact of the fall and it must have jarred everything down the side of my chest area. It took almost 3 months before I was pain free. Considering I don’t wear any protection gear, it could have been a lot worse.

So with all of that, my time today was not important. It was just nice to get out there again. Being active and enjoying the weather. And I am looking at purchasing a bucket for my melon. Considering the Triple 8 Certified Sweatsaver. What do you think?

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