Stoned Jesus - Pilgrims

New Music for September 9, 2018


New music from Stoned Jesus, King Buffalo, Spacetrucker, Alastor, Satan’s Satyrs, Conan, All Them Witches, Iron Reagan, Morne, Throat and Death Valley Girls.

Stoned Jesus - Water Me [UKR]

King Buffalo - Quickening [USA]

Spacetrucker - Sample of a Sample [USA]

Alastor - Slave To The Grave [SWE]

Satan's Satyrs - Thrill Of The City [USA]

Conan - Volt Thrower [GBR]

All Them Witches - Diamond [USA]

Iron Reagan - Patronizer [USA]

Morne - To the Night Unknown [USA]

Throat - Born Old [FIN]

Death Valley Girls - Disaster (Is What We're After) [USA]

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